Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fun With Kinetic Sand

One of the favorite Christmas gifts our kids got was this Kinetic Sand.
It was a joint gift since I knew they'd all want to play with it and I didn't want to buy 3.

The first time my 4 year old played with it, she played for 4 hours.  She only took a break to eat.  I thought, this is the greatest toy ever!  So the next day I let her play with it again, hoping for another 4 hour activity.  She didn't play that long, only an hour, but that is still a long time for her to play with anything.  She asks to play with it every few days and plays for about an hour each time.   My 10 and 12 year old also like to play with it, but not for very long, and they only seem to want to play with it when my 4 year old already has it out.  Luckily they've all been able to share nicely.  

They love the way it feels in their hands as well as building stuff with it.
To make clean up easier, we play with it on a baking sheet with raised edges.  It keeps the sand contained (for the most part).

We've even used it for educational purposes.  She's used cookie cutters to cut out letters and shapes, and a plastic knife to write or draw in the sand. 

I love this product and highly recommend it for a birthday or Christmas gift.
I think it is best suited for boys and girls ages 3-8, but older kids would love it too.

Do your kids have Kinetic Sand?  How do they play with it?

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