Friday, February 20, 2015

Baby Bow Tie Bibs

If your baby is a drooler or a spitter upper like mine, then you're using bibs a lot.  With all those bibs, it's nice to have some cute ones.

Using the tutorial I found HERE, I made my baby boy some bow tie bibs.

It was pretty simple.  First I gathered up some outgrown clothes since I don't have a fabric stash.  Using the pattern from the link above, I cut out the pieces.

Then I sewed the bow tie parts and the bib.  I cut a hole in the bow tie parts to turn them right side out.  For the bib, I just left a little opening so I could turn it inside out and then I sewed around the edges of the bib.  Finally I sewed the bow tie parts onto the bib.  To close the bibs, I just sewed on some velcro strips (that part wasn't done when I took the pictures so you can't see it).

Doesn't he look darling.  And this green would be great for St. Patrick's Day!

I made another one, this time with a slight variation.  Instead of sewing the bow tie on last, I sewed it on before I sewed the bib together.  That way there would not be any stitches on the back of the bib.  You could get fancy and do another bow tie on the back and have a totally reversible bow tie bib.

These bibs are great to wear to church.  They dress up any outfit.  I bought (rather than make since my sewing skills aren't that great) some bow ties for my older son.  I just love seeing boys in bow ties.

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