Thursday, June 4, 2015

Girls Rooms

As I mentioned in my previous post about how to DIY a duvet cover and keep it in place, I have rearranged the girls' bedrooms.  We had them bunked up while my mother in law was living with us.  Since my mother in law moved out last month we've had an empty bedroom.  Eventually we plan to put the baby in there, but since he's still not sleeping through the night (he's up about every 2 hours and I don't feel like walking down the hall to check on him and nurse him) he's staying in our room.  We have plenty of room in our master bedroom for his crib and things so it's not a big deal.  

Now back to the girls' bedroom.  They had been sharing a room which was working out great for our younger daughter, but our older daughter has been wanting more privacy.  She's 10 and doesn't like having a 4 year old watch her get dressed each morning.  Plus they'd get into arguments about silly stuff and lots of attitude would ensue.  The teenage years are starting early in our house.

After my husband witnessed the morning drama one day, he said it's not working out having those two share a room.  While he was at work, I went to work.  First I called my mom to talk through my plans.  It always helps me talk things out with someone else who can envision it with me.  After she agreed with me, I got to work giving each girl their own room.  

These pictures show what the girls room looked like before.  Two girls sharing a room means lots and lots of stuff.  The floor was always covered with our younger daughter's blankets and stuffed animals.

The closet wasn't that bad though.  I guess because most of their clothes are in their dressers.

I started by removing the mattress from the bottom bunk and placing it into the empty room (younger daughter's new room).  

Next up I moved over all her stuffed animals and toys.  I also put the rug in the new room.  What a difference it's made.

Here's some before and after shots:

Since there was already a dresser in the 'new' room, I used that dresser for my daughter's clothes and put the tall skinny dresser that was in her 'old' room, into our master bedroom for the baby.  That will be a post for another day though.

Here is what the 'new' room looked like.  It just had a dresser in there, the bean bag from the girls' room, a chair and music stand.  The curtains and bunny rabbit wall stickers were in there since this was our youngest daughter's nursery before my mother in law moved in.  Since this is temporary, I'm not going to paint or change the decor (yet).

And here it is after moving our youngest daughter in.  

Since this is just temporary I didn't even bother to take apart the bunk beds so our 4 year old just has her mattress on the floor which she has been loving.

Next up, I'll share pictures of the updated baby space in our master bedroom so stay tuned.

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