Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Back to School 2015

School started this week and I still can't believe it.  It still feels like summer to me, but I guess once the homework starts then it'll definitely feel like the school year has begun.  

Every year I've taken first day of school pictures by the front door.  Having the same background is an easy way to see how much the kids have grown over the past year.  Here are pictures comparing this year and last.

The kids are now in 5th and 7th grade.  I've still got two little ones at home keeping me busy but the house is definitely quieter.  Now that the older kids are gone all day, I've got to take care of and play with the younger ones myself.  The older ones were such a big help this summer that I'll be missing them.  

And just so this post isn't all about my kids, here's a neat trick I learned the other day.
Yes, you are never too old to learn something new.

Type "do a barrel roll" into your search bar and see what happens.  It's pretty neat.  I wonder what else my computer can do :)

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