Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Sunflower House

I've thought of growing sunflowers for a couple of years.  I usually remember to plant them too late in the season, but not this year, or so I thought.  I bought the sunflower seeds and on the packet it says to plant them in May or June, after the last frost.  I planted them the first week in July, a little late but I was hoping they'd grow and bloom just fine.  I had planned on planting them in the backyard, right before our yard turns into the field of tall grass.  I figured the large flowers would be nice to look at and would cover up the tall grass growing out in the field.

Well, since I waited so late to plant them, the field was full of tall grass which I figured would block out the light and inhibit the growth of anything else.  I didn't want to plant the sunflowers in front of the field, that would be in our yard where we mow.  I was determined to grow sunflowers this year so I decided to plant some in our flower beds around the back patio.

My well meaning husband didn't know we had planted sunflowers and sprayed the flower beds with weed killer.  The sunflowers were dead, or so we thought.  Two sunflowers survived and were starting to grow taller and taller each day.  They still hadn't bloomed but I knew they would, it was just a matter of time.

Before they had a chance to bloom, my 12 year old son thought it would be fun to chop down things with a big stick.  Those sunflowers were the perfect thing to chop down.  Alas, we will have to wait until next year to plant our sunflowers.  I better mark my calendar now so I don't forget.  Oh, and after I plant them, I'm letting everyone in the house know so they won't spray them or chop them down.

Since I don't have any pictures of my sunflower border, I thought I'd share another fun way to grow sunflowers, and that's by making them into:


Lasso The Moon shows off the sunflower house she made for her girls.  There are step by step pictures and even a video of what it looks like and all the fun the girls have playing in their secret spot.  Stop by her blog to check it out by clicking HERE.

San Juan Parent tells how to make a sunflower house HERE,
and for detailed instructions including what type of sunflowers to use, check out THIS SITE.

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