Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Triple Birthday Party

With three kids who have birthdays within three weeks of each other, I thought I'd make it easy on myself and have one big family birthday party to celebrate.  And by family party, I mean extended family, not our immediate family.  We also celebrate each child's birthday on their actual birthday as well.  My youngest daughter turned 5 two weeks ago.  You can read about how we accommodated her mermaid theme requests HERE on her birthday.  My oldest daughter turned 11 a couple days ago.  You can read about her Art Studio birthday party we had for her friends HERE.  We had her friend party on the same day as the triple family birthday party.  My mom and sister came up early to help with that which was great.  And my son turns 1 next week, so it's been party central around here.

OK, onto the details about the triple birthday party.  I started out with a theme that would work for all the ages and genders.  My theme was simple - Numbers.  I tried to incorporate numbers into the invitation, and figured we would play games during the party since games usually have lots of numbers like rolling the dice and traveling so many spaces.   We actually didn't play any games, just sat around talking and watched the kids play with their new toys.  But at least I was prepared.  I'm getting ahead of myself, first up are the invitations.

I've had this "Happy Birthday" banner for years and bring it out each birthday.  

I thought I'd turn the banner around and use the back of it to put on numbers and have each kid hold onto their birthday number.  Rather than sew or iron on numbers, I just photo edited them in there using Picmonkey.  To go along with the 'number' theme, I made a cute saying for the invitation:

I also took some pictures of the kids individually.  Can't believe they are or will be 1, 5 and 11. I wish I could just stop time and enjoy them like this forever. 

And here they are on the day of the triple birthday party.

I made cupcakes so I could decorate each child's cupcakes according to their own theme.  I could have done three separate cakes, but our party didn't have that many guests and we don't need that much cake sitting around.  I did make more cupcakes than this but this was all that I had the energy to decorate after hosting the friend birthday party earlier in the day.

I decorated these after the friend birthday party and sadly, didn't put a lot of time into it so they don't look the best.  I also let the three oldest add the green frosting so those cupcakes look even crazier.  

My oldest daughter's cupcakes are paint palettes.  My youngest daughter's cupcakes have blue icing to be the water and the DIY mermaid tail cake toppers sticking out.  My son's cupcakes have car stickers stuck on toothpicks for his DIY cake toppers.  Making you own toppers is so easy and a great way to personalize your cupcakes.  I'm so glad I figured out this trick.

Does anyone else celebrate several birthdays at once?  How do you make each child feel special?

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