Saturday, October 31, 2015

Trick or Treat 2015

In PA, Trick or Treating is not done on Halloween night.  It's usually done the Thursday before Halloween, I think for safety reasons, I don't really know.  

At the last minute I decided I wanted to decorate my front door.  I bought a $1 orange plastic tablecloth from the store and used black paper and black duck tape to transform my door into a pumpkin.

In case you are wondering what the inside of the door looks like:

I used painter's tape to attach the tablecloth to my front door, and made sure to leave the knob free so we could actually use the door.

Since we were walking around the neighborhood, and wouldn't be home to pass out treats, I left a basket full of treats on the front porch.  This year instead of candy, I decided to do Freeze Pops.  Since they were in liquid form and not frozen, I thought they looked like potions.  So I quick whipped up a label and taped that to my treat bucket.  Then I decided the pumpkin door should be a witch to go with the 'magic potions' and create a theme.  But I didn't have enough time to change that so it was what it was.  

We've had several Halloween activities so the kids have gotten lots of use out of their costumes.  Once again the girls dressed as witches and the baby was Dracula.  My older son was Steve from Minecraft but he mostly helped the baby Trick or Treat so he got the baby's candy too.

Isn't he the cutest little vampire you ever saw?

We got together with several other kids in the neighborhood who dressed as a painter, Anna, Elsa, Spiderman and a train conductor.  

Happy Halloween!

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