Friday, December 18, 2015

12 Days of Social - Christmas Videos

As much as I love Christmas decorations, buying Christmas presents and doing all kinds of crafty Christmas stuff, the real meaning of Christmas is much simpler.  It doesn't need to be drug out of a box each year and hung up just right.  It doesn't need to be looked for from store to store or break the bank to get it.  It doesn't involve glue or glitter.  It's about the birth of our Savior.  This is something we talk about and can celebrate all year long.  Christmas time is chance to share this gift with others.

The church has put out several videos called "The 12 Days of Social".  We have been watching almost one a night since the beginning of December.  It is a great way to feel the spirit and look forward to Christmas without the commercialization of it all.  Having children of differing ages and attention spans can make it difficult to read Christmas stories and have a spiritual discussion about our Savior's birth.  These videos (most of which are music videos) capture the children's attention and bring the spirit into our home.  Seriously, our house is peaceful and calm when the kids are watching these.  Now that is a Christmas miracle.  I totally recommend watching these videos with your family and sharing with your friends.  You can go to to click on the videos and find out more.  For your convenience I've also linked all the videos below.

 What a talented bunch of sisters.

 This girl has such a sweet voice, can't believe she's only 13. 

 What a fun and cheerful song.

Link found here:

 What a great gift of service.

 Love this song. Just beautiful

 More great performers.   So powerful.
Link here:

Some clean comedy

Many of the above performers get together for some awesome Christmas caroling.
I would love it if they stopped by my house to sing.
Link found here:

To see how other people from different cultures and religions are giving back based on this initiative, check out this video:


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