Thursday, December 17, 2015

Handmade Religious Christmas Ornaments

I've acquired lots of handmade Christmas ornaments over the years.  There's the ones the kids make at school or church.  Then there are the ones that are given to me by dear friends or family members.  Handmade ornaments are the best.  Every year when we put up the tree and place one of those special ornaments on the branches, it tells a story or brings back a memory.

And since Christmas is really about the birth of our Savior, I thought I'd share the religious handmade ornaments I've gotten over the years.  They all are pretty simple to make if you are in a pinch and still need to get some Christmas gifts.   They would make great hostess gifts, neighbor gifts, teacher gifts, or toppers for presents.

Let's start with the one I received this year.  It's a key and the words "Let Him In".  On the back it says: "This key is a special symbol to let Him in.  Hang it outside your front door on Christmas Eve and it tells the Savior you'd like Him to come into your home.  Use it all year long whenever you need Christ near."

Several years ago, the kids got these ornaments from their Primary leaders at church.  Red bulbs with gold vinyl that says "I am a child of God".  A simple reminder of the divine potential within all of us.

Another year, the Primary leaders gave the kids these wooden ornaments with the picture of Christ on the front.  On the back the kids wrote something they'd like to give the Savior for Christmas.

A gold star paired with a scripture to remind us of the birth of our Savior that was announced with the Christmas star.

Another wooden ornament the kids received through Primary.  This has the "Choose the Right" theme mod podged onto the wood.

OK, so this next one isn't an ornament but it would still make a great gift.  It's a plain white dish towel with the word "Service" embroidered on it.  A printout of "The Christmas Towel" story is attached.

What special ornaments have you received?

I think my tree is about half special ornaments and half store bought.  I'm sure once my two youngest start school, the handmade ornaments will outnumber the store bought ones.  Maybe I should get another tree, one for just the kids' handmade ornaments.  Anyone else do that?

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