Monday, December 7, 2015

Super Saturday Christmas Crafts

In my last post I showed off the cute wood nativities I made at our church's Super Saturday crafting event.  I promised to tell you more about the crafting event so I'm back today with some of the other crafts that were made.

Here is the flier that was passed out to all the sisters in the ward.  It lists the crafts that will be available to make as well as the costs.  All of these ideas and images were taken from Pinterest. 

After we had all the fliers back with the totals per craft, the supplies were bought.  The day of the Super Saturday event, tables were set up and all the supplies were organized on each table with the crafter's name on it.  It was well prepared and made doing the actual crafts so much easier.  

There was music playing in the background and lots of food too.   I love to do craft projects but don't always finish them at  home, so this event was great for me.  Crafting with friends is always fun and that's what makes Super Saturdays so great.

Here are some close ups of the flier in case you can't read everything in the photo above.

Anyone else attend a Super Saturday?  What kind of crafts did you make?

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