Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter 2016 Pinterest Success and Fails

This year for Easter, we tried to duplicate several cute things found on Pinterest.  Of course, most didn't turn out like the Pinterest perfect pictures, but they were still delicious.

This fruit bunny looked easy enough.  We couldn't get the ears just right so we improvised.

There are several ways to make this bunny cake and it's really easy.  The hard part was icing and decorating it.  HERE is where I got my inspiration.  My daughter wanted a chocolate bunny so we used chocolate icing.  She also didn't want the bow tie, so we left that out.  I used white icing dyed pink for the ears, nose and mouth and marshmallows for the eyes.  

I can't take credit for these bunny napkins.  And the person who made them wishes to remain anonymous.   Needless to say after watching the video and working on them for almost an hour they still didn't turn out right and wouldn't stand up either.   If you want to attempt to make these, you can find the napkin bunny tutorial HERE.

Thought about making these bunny pancakes but the kids were hungry and I didn't have time to be creative, so plain old round pancakes it was.  In case you have time to be creative and want to make these next year, you can find out how to do it HERE.

This last one, I'll call a success.  They were easy to make, just a little time consuming.  These would be great for baby showers, mother's day and even birthdays.  To find out how to make these pretzel flowers, check out THIS post.

If you want to pin these ideas, here's a picture with all my pinterest success and fails for this Easter.  I wonder what I'll attempt next year.  I've already got a couple of new ideas pinned, you can find them on my Easter Pinterest board HERE.

I didn't find this idea on Pinterest, rather it was on the box of cookie mix.  The girls helped mix the dough and form the sheep.  To my surprise they actually turned out like the picture.  Another success.  Or maybe not, as they didn't taste good at all.  We think it was the banana flavor.

Since a lot of our desserts were Pinterest fails, I wanted to have something that looked pretty.  I have a friend who makes the most delicious and decorative cake balls so I ordered up some from her and she did not disappoint.  Not only did they look cute and spring like, they were so moist and yummy inside. 

Of course I have to throw in a couple of pictures of my kids.  Here is my almost 18 month old sporting his older brother's bow tie.  It's actually the Easter bow tie I made several years ago.  I couldn't get my 13 year old son to wear it, but luckily my toddler was much more cooperative.  Yeah, it's a little big, but he's just so darn cute, he can pull it off.

It's hard to get a good looking picture of this crazy bunch, but I try.  The girls and I wore a navy and pink/orange theme.  

We had a wonderful Easter weekend spending time with family as well as doing the traditional Easter activities.  Hope yours was full of good food, time with family and feeling blessed.

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