Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Baby Shower Favors

My little sis is having a baby!!!!!!!!!!  Can you tell by those exclamation points that I'm super excited for her?  Over the weekend we had a baby shower for her, and while I can't take the credit for any of these ideas, they were too cute not to share.  Not all of these ideas were party favors but I thought they each could be used as such.

These little baby booties were hand made from scrapbook paper and embellished with a button.  They were filled with candies but those were eaten before I got around to taking a picture.

These seed packets were a great idea, especially since the shower was in the beginning of spring.  I have just started working on my flower beds and will be planting these soon.  They'll probably start to bloom about the time the baby arrives.

These cookies were so darling.  Hand made and individually wrapped so you could easily take them home.

My sister is having a girl (in case you couldn't figure that out with all the pink), but the favors could also be made in blue for a boy.  And speaking of boy, you can check out my baby shower from 19 months ago and get some more favor ideas as well as practical gift ideas.  Just CLICK HERE.

And here's the girls in the family so far:  my mom, her two girls and my two girls.  Can't wait to have a new little girl join our family.  She is already loved so much, we can't wait to meet her.  Good thing my sister is due in the summer when the kids have off school so I'll have lots of time to visit and snuggle that baby without having to worry about being home to get kids to and from school.

photo taken by:  Debbi Granruth

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