Thursday, June 2, 2016

The BEST Learn to Read Books

In my last post I gave a list of book series that my tween and teen love to read, and now I'm back with my favorite books for teaching preschoolers how to read.  

Not every easy reader or phonics book is easy to read for someone just learning to read.  My favorites are ones that use short vowel sounds and each word is able to be sounded out, with the exception of a few sight words.   My soon to be kindergartner is working through these book sets (affiliate links):  

Here is a close up of a page in each book.  You can see how each word can easily be sounded out by a reader that knows what sounds each letter makes.  These are great for beginning readers and helps them build confidence and to read on their own.

And here's an example of a "phonics" book that would be very hard for a beginning reader to read on their own.

Just look at all those words that you can't easily sound out.  This would be for a more advanced early reader, one who has mastered the short vowel sounds and is working on the long vowel sounds.

So if you are looking for some truly beginner learn to read books, I'd stick with the ones below.

Happy reading!

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