Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Summer Reading List

I'm lucky that all my kids love to read.  My 11 year old daughter especially loves reading and will sometimes read a book a day.  And I'm talking about 300 page books.  She often stays up later than I do just reading.  Once school is out we'll be making weekly trips to the library so I can keep supplied with new books.  

In case you are looking for some good books for your teens and tweens, here's several book series that my kids have enjoyed reading (affiliate links to amazon.com):

Some of my daughter's favorite series are:
Children of the Lamp
The Land of Stories
Once Upon the End, Half Upon a Time, Twice Upon a Time
The School for Good and Evil
Lemony Snicket series

My 13 year old son is more selective in what he reads. He likes science fiction and has read the following:
all the Harry Potter books
the Animorph series
Infinity Ring series
The James Patterson Middle School  and I Funny books
39 Clues series
Diary of a Wimpy Kid books
the I.Q. series

My almost kindergartner loves to look at books and pretend to read by making up stories to go along with the pictures.  And my toddler loves books with animals, babies or vehicles.  He loves to yell out the name of the picture on the page.  I don't read very much so I'm glad my kids have picked up this great habit.  Having plenty of books around and taking time to read to my children must have worked, because they sure didn't pick up their love of reading by watching me read.

In addition to going to the library to get books, we also attend the weekly activities they have going on during the summer as part of the summer reading program.

Our library hosts a summer reading program which includes weekly activities for the kids.  Here are some pictures from last year.

The Sciencetellers made learning science fun.  Here is my then 10 year old (in the purple shirt) 

The Bug Man.  Here my then 4 year old is holding a giant cockroach.  EWWWW!

We've signed up for the summer reading program at two different libraries since they are both close and we get to do double the activities and double the rewards.  The one library gives away much better prizes including a free ticket to Dutch Wonderland. 

What do you do to keep your kids busy and educated over the summer?
We'll also be going on some fun field trips and a few summer camps and dance / music lessons this year.

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