Friday, June 17, 2016

What to Get the Dad Who Has Everything

My dad is always hard to buy for, often claiming that he doesn't need anything but our love.  Is your dad or husband like that too?  It makes gift giving so difficult.  They usually have everything and don't need another shirt or tie.  So what do you get the Dad who has everything?  My go to gift has recently been food.  I've been getting my husband his favorite candy bars as birthday, Father's Day and Christmas gifts for over a year now and he loves it.   So I decided to get my dad some of his favorite food for Father's Day.  I also added some printables for fun.

I put everything in a gift bag with some tissue paper to make it look cute and worthy of gift giving.

And for my husband,  I did something similar using printables to match because I love a good play on words:

His gift bag wasn't as pretty but I don't think he'll mind.  
Here's everything that's in the bag:

And a closer up view so you can actually see what it says:

Here's a list of the food/drink and its corresponding printable in case you can't read it in the photos:

Root Beer - Happy Father's Day to a great POP
Snickers candy bars - To my sweet, sweet husband on Father's Day
Circus animal crackers - I'm not clowning around when I say you're the best
Cookies - You are one smart cookie
Peanut butter Oreos - Sometimes a little nutty
Salsa - And always just the right amount of hotness
Chips - You're all that and a bag of chips

I put them in the gift bag in order so he'd read them that way so they'd make the most sense.  

Consumable gifts are a great idea since they don't contribute to the clutter and can be enjoyed right away.  If you are looking for more last minute Father's Day gifts or printables, be sure to check out my Father's Day board on Pinterest.

And to all you dads and special men in our lives:

Happy Father's Day!!

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