Monday, October 24, 2016

Pre-Teen Birthday Party

As the kids get older, it can get harder to plan a birthday party.  For young kids I like to have them pick a theme and then I'll come up with decorations, games and food to match it.  And thanks to Pinterest, I don't have to think of all the decorations, games and food myself.  As for the theme, the kids are good at telling me what they like, it's usually a favorite movie or toy.  I love doing this stuff, but with 3 kids celebrating birthdays within 3 weeks, it can get overwhelming.  Luckily I had the perfect solution for my daughter's 12th birthday party and she loved it.

Before I get to that party, I thought I'd share the parties I've done in the past in case you're looking for some ideas.  

Most recently I did a Minion birthday party for my 6 year old daughter.
I've also done the following parties, click on each link to find out the games, food, gifts and activities that went along with each:
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Ladybug Picnic party - perfect for the preschool age kids
Surprise party for the kid who hates surprises - a low key party for kids on the autism spectrum

Now onto the easiest party I ever planned.  As the kids get older, you go from inviting everyone in the class, to inviting just their closest friends.  My daughter knew who she wanted to invite, but didn't know what kind of party she wanted.  We've done a variety of things in the past and she didn't want to repeat any of those ideas.  Also she didn't want to do something her friends had already done even though she liked those parties.  Since she only wanted to invite 8 friends, I suggested we do something out of the house, like get manicures, take a pottery or painting class, or go to a movie.  This was a great idea for her since she wouldn't have to worry about her 3 siblings crashing her party at home, and great for me since I wouldn't have to clean my house before and after the party.  

She finally decided on seeing a movie.  The movie STORKS came out the week before so that is what we saw.

After figuring out what it would cost to buy everyone tickets, a drink and some popcorn at the movie theater, then going out for ice cream afterwards, I realized it would be about the same cost if not cheaper to buy the party package from the movie theater.  The party package included movie tickets, a drink and popcorn for up to 10 guests.  Each guest after that was $15 each.  Lucky for me we had exactly 10 people on our guest list (my daughter, 8 friends, and me).  Besides seeing the movie, we got to use their VIP Lounge afterward to have cake and ice cream which was also provided.  I did bring a few other snacks like fruit and cookies so there was plenty of food.  

Behind the eating part of the VIP lounge, was a small theater.  We would have loved to have a private showing of the movie in here, but that wasn't part of the deal.  The girls didn't mind as they had fun playing charades and other games on the stage.

Her birthday was on a Thursday but the movie party was on Friday so we still celebrated her actual birthday with some cupcakes and presents at home.

How do you celebrate birthdays as your kids get older?  I'd love to hear your ideas or link up to your blog post in the comments below.

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