Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Fingerprint Easter Egg Basket

I saw this cute Easter basket with fingerprint eggs on Pinterest and thought we'd give it a try.  You can find the original idea over at  They'd make great Easter cards or decorations for around the house.

I had my older daughter put her artistic talent to work by drawing the Easter basket.

While she created her mini masterpiece, the younger kids colored some Easter pictures while they waited to add their fingerprints.

Instead of using paint (which is messier than I wanted to deal with), I colored the kid's fingers with markers and let them add their fingerprints that way.  I do think the original idea with the paint turned out better because the fingerprints are more vibrant. 

After all the fingerprint eggs were added, the younger kids colored the basket.   

As you can see it didn't turn out quite like my inspiration, but the kids still had fun making it. 

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Of course Easter's not all about bunnies and candy...

More than 2,000 years after Isaiah called Him the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ is still our key to peace. This year, in the week leading up to Easter, we've been watching videos that focus on different ways to honor Him and find His peace in our life.  Find out more at

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