Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Baby Shower Book Shower

As promised in my last post, I'm back with more info about the books I gave to my sister as part of her baby shower gift.   The invitations were made to look like a baby onsie, so my clever mom made the book request insert in that shape too.

My mother is quite the poet and came up with this cute saying all on her own.

Reading to your child is a wonderful thing to do, and it can never start too early.  Asking guests to bring a book to the baby shower is a great way to start building your child's library.  Guests brought all kinds of books from board books, to early reading books to classic children's books.  I put several books into a storage basket that could double as toy or book storage for my future niece.  

Below are amazon.com affiliate links of a few kid tested mom approved books we like.


If you're wondering what else I included in my baby shower gifts, check out this post:

And here we are one year later, celebrating my niece's first birthday.  

She looked like a princess in her vintage looking lace dress, gold shoes and crown.

Seriously, isn't that crown just adorable?

And yes, she loved every bit of her birthday cake.  

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