Friday, May 26, 2017

From Blanket to Valance

The window in the girls' room had a very dark purple valance on it.  It looked a bit too formal in a kid's room, plus I wanted to lighten things up a bit.  Last year (yes, this is another long overdue post) I bought this cool Ofelia blanket from Ikea.  Ikea sells something with the same name, but it's a different type of material.  The actual blanket I have can be found on HERE.  It's more of a gauzy delicate fabric where the one Ikea sells now is a thicker yarn like fabric.  Of course, I wasn't planning to use it as a blanket anyway.  I knew all along it would make the perfect light and airy and oh so feminine valance I'd been looking for.  Just perfect for a little girl's room.

Here is the dark purple valance that I started with.

And here's the new light and airy valance that's in the girls' room now.  I like it so much better.  It really brightens up the space too.

For starters, I took down the old valance and removed the old curtain rod. 

I hung the new curtain rod up a little higher so the valance would hang higher allowing more of the window to show and add even more light to the room.  I'm not too worried about the holes in the wall where the old curtain rod was.  Eventually I'll get to painting the room but for now, the new valance should cover them up.  I just so happened to have this flowered curtain rod so I used that which also added a little more of a feminine touch to the room.  

First I draped the blanket over the curtain rod.

I  used some ribbon to sew loops to hold up part of the blanket.

The ribbon loops were made from the same ribbon I used to make the girls barrette holder.  You can read all about how I did that over at THIS POST.

Adding the loops of ribbon turns it from a blanket into a valance.

I love a good before and after.  In person it looks so much better with the new valance just letting all that sunlight stream in.

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