Monday, June 26, 2017

Line Design Art

This week both my girls are at an Art Camp, so I thought I'd share some cool art we made a little while ago.  It's easy to create and looks oh so cool.  You could make this again and again and never have the same look.

I originally found the idea HERE at Art with Mr. E
Be sure to check out his blog for more ideas about how to make your own line design art.

Step 1:  Draw a slightly wavy line across the page.
Step 2:  Place several dots on the line various distances apart.

Step 3:  Draw bubble type lines from one dot to the next.

Step 4: Be sure to vary the shape and direction of the lines going from one dot to the next.  You can make them curve or get bubblier/bigger.  Make sure the lines never cross over each other.

Step 5:  Add color.  You can use pencils, markers, crayons, watercolors....

And here's where my daughter lost interest.  I'm pretty sure she spent at least an hour doing this much.  If interests wanes in this project maybe you could spread it out over several days, use different coloring mediums or patterns.

Another fun art project to try would be this Optical Illusion Handprint:

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