Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Matching Bow Ties

I'm a sucker for a guy in a bow tie.  And seeing all 3 of my guys in bow ties, well, that just melts my heart and takes my breath away.

I thought it would be cute for Father's Day to have the boys wear matching bow ties so I started shopping around online.  At first I checked Etsy to find some matching father/son bow ties but didn't like those prices so I quickly came up with an inexpensive plan.  Instead of buying a toddler bow tie and two men's matching bow ties which would run about $50 on Etsy, I could buy 3 of the same bow tie from any store.  My toddler had been wearing my older son's men's size bow tie to church anyway and it didn't seem too big for him, plus he'll only grow into the men's size.  So my next step was to find some inexpensive bow ties and just buy 3 of the same one.  I ended up finding the best price on amazon.com.  Less than $2 per bow tie and shipping was free.  I couldn't pass up a deal like that.  I had to rein myself in and not buy one for every Sunday of the year.

HERE is the amazon.com affiliate link to the 3 matching bow ties.

I also ordered a few more for just the boys since bow ties aren't really my husband's style, he was just being nice and humoring me.  My older son on the other hand, will only wear bow ties to church.  So of course my younger son wants to wear them too.  They had been wearing the only 2 bow ties my older son owned, but now they have an assortment to choose from each week including the ones below.

These bow ties are adjustable and able to fit a toddler all the way up to an 18" neck.  I'm already thinking I should have bought more.  

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