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Monday, November 6, 2017

Dinosaur Cake

I mentioned a few posts ago that we celebrated 3 of our kids birthdays in 3 weeks.  Well, I'm finally getting around to writing about my son's 3rd birthday.  We didn't do much, no party, just cake and presents.  Well, it was supposed to be cake but the night before when I started to make the cake, I realized I had no boxed cake mixes.  I didn't feel like making one from scratch (or going out to the store) so I made brownies instead.  

My son wanted a dinosaur cake.  He may have gotten that idea from me since I had a dinosaur theme going on with his birthday presents and mentioned how cool a dinosaur cake would be.  And by cool, I mean easy, like stick some plastic dinosaurs on top and call it a dinosaur cake easy.  OK, I did a little more than that, but not much.  I topped the brownies with chocolate frosting, crushed Oreo cookies for a little path, and some green icing for grass.  Then I added three dinosaurs since he was turning three.  

He was so happy to have that cake, just look at that face.  It's been almost a month and he still talks about it.  Oh, and those dimples.  They get me every time.  

Even though we didn't have a party, I still managed to decorate using a dinosaur theme.  I had a few dinosaur toys laying around and even had some dressed up in party hats.  

On a side note, my little guy has become quite the Batman fan.  My sister gave him a present wrapped in this cool superhero wrapping paper, and I DIY'd it into some art for his room.

If you didn't get a chance to read about the previous two birthdays, you can read all about my older daughter's Clue themed birthday party HERE, and my younger daughter's playground party HERE.

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