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Monday, February 5, 2018

Shadow Activities

Our local library has a terrific children's story time.  Not only does the story teller read a story or two, there are several activities and a craft to go along with it.  Last week the story was about Groundhog's Day and the activities were all about shadows.  My little guy's favorite activity was the one where he got to use a flashlight to make animal shadows.  Since I had all the supplies at home, I decided to make my own shadow play activity.

Luckily for Christmas my son got some plastic animals to add to his plastic dinosaur collection.  He and my 7 year old daughter love playing with them, mostly making them eat other animals.

All I had to do was add the box and a flashlight, turn out the lights and let the kids have fun.

They liked seeing what kind of shadows each animal would create, and making the shadows grow and shrink when they moved the flashlight.

Other Shadow Play Activities our library had set up included ideas similar to the ones below:

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