Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The letter R

Today's post is brought to you by the letter R

Remember in my first post I mentioned I had some flat black spray paint left over from another project?  Well, here is that other project:  The letter R.
I had been wanting a letter R for a gallery wall I've been making in the laundry room (yes, I'll post about that later too).  I wasn't happy with anything I'd seen at the stores, they were too plain, just flat wood.  Well my Mom, the Queen of Bargains -who can find just about anything within a month of me saying I am looking for something, found a large gold letter R at a garage sale.  It is textured and raised, not flat.  The only thing besides it being gold, remember we aren't really into gold accents (not a problem, I was planning to paint it white to match the laundry room) is that is it too big for the spot I created for it in the laundry room.  Plus I really liked it and wanted to display it more prominently.  I had also created a gallery wall in the living room so I decided to place it there, after painting it of course: