Sunday, December 4, 2011

From Placemat to Pillow

As I was going through my Christmas decorations, I realized I didn't like some of what I had.  Like this placemat.  I don't remember buying it so someone must have given it to me.  I've had it a couple of years and never used it.  So rather than throwing it out, I thought I would re-purpose it into a pillow.  This placemat can be turned into a pillow since it is made up of a front and back fabric.  

This took all of five minutes and is very simple, no sewing required.

I used a pillow I had made a while back that seemed like just the right size.  Since the new Christmas pillow will only cover up the old one, I can use this pillow again when Christmas is over.

Here is the pillow on top of the placemat.

I just cut a slit, smaller than the width of the pillow, into the back of the placemat.

Then I squished the pillow inside the placemat.

I didn't bother sewing up the back, hopefully no one will turn it over.

This is what it looks like from the front.

Looking cute on my couch:

Like I said, this was super easy and super quick.  I took the lazy easy route and didn't sew the opening on the back closed.  Like I said, it is more of a slip cover just for Christmas time.  But for a more finished look, you could sew the fabric under so the edges don't fray (especially if you have to wash it).

Anyone else re-purposing their Christmas decor?