Monday, December 5, 2011

Santa Claus is coming to town

Saturday we had our town's local Christmas parade. I took Sweetie Pie and her friend while Kevin stayed home with the Spencinator and The Babes.  The girls had a great time and little did we know that as the people and vehicles went by, they'd be throwing candy!

We have lived in this town about 14 years and I don't remember hearing about this parade before.  I am sure  it's been going on for years but this was our first time watching it.  My curiosity about the parade was satisfied and I had fun just watching the girls have fun.  Although it did kinda feel like one big advertisement. The parade started with vintage cars that carried the local politicians, then various clubs, organizations and businesses drove by in their decorated cars.

Here are some pictures from the parade:
high school band

local dance studio performing a dance routine
a hearse from the local funeral home, that was kinda weird

the Twistin' Pig

Therapy Dogs, yes some were dressed up in decorated strollers

the girls even got balloons

they were excited to see horses

and the parade ended with Santa
The whole thing lasted about an hour and it wasn't too terribly cold.  We had fun and got plenty of candy which is enough to make me do it again next year, but only if the kids want to.

Anyone else go to any local Christmas events over the weekend?