Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Valentine's FHE

As promised from yesterdays' post, I am back with the details of how our Valentine's Day themed Family Home Evening activity went.

I thought I'd make a good dinner, and by good I mean something the kids will eat.  That way they will be able to have plenty of this yummy treat I made.  We had fried chicken and homemade french fries.  The fries were not the hit I thought they'd be, and after some whinning and crying, the kids finally ate one so they could earn their Family Home Evening treat.

Here's the run down of our FHE:
5 minutes to get everyone into the living room
Opening song:  Love One Another
Opening prayer
Short lesson about how loving/serving others shows our love for Jesus.

Then it was onto the 'trails of love' activity that I first saw HERE.
I had Kevin take the kids into the office while I put down the name cards and the little pieces of paper (actually I used alphabet cuts outs I had in my scrapbooking stash).

I made a trail of  papers from the card, winding around the living room, to their gift which was hidden.
Once I was done, I called everyone in.  Yes, they were just as excited as I was to do this activity. 

They had fun following their trail and finding their little gift.  The gifts were a hit too.  Sweetie Pie, our resident author and illustration got a notebook.  The Spencinator got some Squinkies.  That may sound strange but since Sweetie Pie got a bunch for Christmas, he's been wanting some of his own and was happy to finally have a small collection now. 

Then we had a closing prayer/blessing on the refreshments.
And the treat was this Oreo Pudding concoction.

I found the recipe HERE.  I was really looking forward to this dessert, it sounded so yummy but I wasn't that satisfied with it.  Kevin wasn't a fan of it either.  It is a very kid friendly dessert, the kids loved it and licked their plates clean. 

It just wasn't rich enough for me.  Basically tasted like chocolate pudding with Oreos and whipped cream.  But then again, that's about all that's in it so I shouldn't be too surprised.  There was too much fluff for my taste.  If I ever do make it again, I think I will leave out the second container of whipped cream.

So what fun things do you have planned for Valentine's Day?
I feel like we celebrated a day early, and that I have to come up with something else to do tonight.  Maybe just more dessert and a movie - I know the kids would love that.