Tuesday, March 27, 2012

3rd Grade Logic?

My son is in third grade and he came home with a paper titled Fact Game Lesson #7.
I tried to recreate it on here.  It looked something like this:

Write true, false, or maybe.

Here's the only thing we know about the cat.
The cat climbed none of the short trees.

          1                   2                 3                  4

1.  The cat climbed object 4.             FALSE                                     correct
2.  The cat climbed object 3.             MAYBE                                   incorrect
3.  The cat did not climb object 2.     TRUE                                       correct

I didn't understand why he got #2 incorrect.
The only thing we know is that the cat did not climb any of the short trees (object 2 and 4).
We don't know if the cat climbed the tall trees or not, so I think the answer of 'maybe' would be correct - don't you?  I emailed the teacher asking her to explain the logic behind it so I could explain it to my son.  Really I just want her realize that he got it right in the first place.
What do you think? 

And  here's a sneak peak at something Sweetie Pie and I have been working on for her room.
Hopefully we'll finish it this week so I can show you the completed project.