Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sippy Cup Locater

Seriously, some one should invent a sippy cup locater, a GPS tracker on those things or something.  I'm sure I'm not the only one whose child has lost a sippy cup only to be found days or weeks later with spoiled milk or fermented juice in it.

The other night while I was making dinner and the Babes was at my heels, I filled up her sippy cup with milk in hopes of keeping her occupied so I could finish preparing dinner.  When dinner time rolled around, her sippy cup was no where to be found.

We searched low and lower for it since she couldn't have put it up too high.  We could not find it that night.

The next day I began searching in cabinets and drawers for it thinking she may have put it in there while she was rooting around in our stuff.  No such luck.
I was really hoping the she drank all the milk so that
1.)  it wouldn't have gone to waste and
2.) it wouldn't be this stinky curdled mess when we finally found it.

I finally did find it in this large roll of paper.  I've had this out for a couple of days (that'll teach me to put things away)
and the tube inside the roll of paper was a perfect fit for her sippy cup - do you see it down in there?

It was mostly filled with milk which had to be dumped out but at least I found it soon enough that it didn't stink.

Oh, and speaking of sippy cups, after trial and error I have figured out which ones are the easiest to clean and leak the least.  I know they say leak proof, but that's not entirely true.  Some may not leak but still allow little drips to come out of the spout if thrown onto the floor.  
We prefer the ones with this kind of valve:

NUK 2 Pack Replacement valves Spill Proof Cup, Colors May Vary
You can get your little pinky finger or a cotton swab inside the plastic hole part to give it a good cleaning if stuff gets stuck in there.

Oh and in case you were wondering about the 3rd grade logic, my son did get the answers right.  They were marked wrong and then the teacher went over the correct answer with him and he changed his answer.  But because they were initially marked wrong with a red X, it looked like the correct answer was wrong.  Glad to know my logic is correct and that I'm at least as smart as a third grader.

We are getting closer to finishing that little project for Sweetie Pie's room that I mentioned yesterday.
Here is another teaser for you.