Thursday, April 19, 2012

Getting My Flower Beds Under Control - Finally!

The weather has been great for doing yard work these past couple of days.  Warm, but not too hot and even though there has been some light rain, it hasn't stopped me (I gotta work when the Babes naps).  We've lived in this house for about 5 years.   The landscape can really grow in that time.   We have lots of flower beds which means lots to maintain.  I think there are at least 10 flower beds, or areas that need weeding, pruning and mulching.  

Keeping up the landscape has never been my strong suit.  And then it just gets to be too weed infested and overwhelming for me so I don't even know where to begin.  But this year, I'm finally getting it under control.  I'll start by showing some before shots, then some in progress shots and I hope to update you next week with the beautifully dramatic after shots.  What I'm really saying is that I hope to finish this project by next week.

 Here is the front of our house right after we moved in about 5 years ago.
We have flower beds on either side of the front door and an area around the tree.  We used to have another tree, just off to the left of this picture, but it died and we decided not to replace it.  Also the two taller bushes  in front of the garage windows both died and we dug them out.  Still haven't replaced them yet.  But once all the weeding, pruning and mulching is done, that will be next on the list of outdoor projects.
Here is the the west side of the back yard.
Notice there are five tall bushes to the left.  Now a days there are only 4.  Yes, another bush died and yes, we decided not to replace it.  I hope this isn't some sort of trend.

Below is what that side of the back yard looks like now.   The flower bed around the 4 tall bushes has been dug out but you can't really tell  from this picture.  I still need to weed and mulch it though.  And the flower bed to the left hasn't had any work done to it yet.

Here is the patio that surrounds the back of the house (picture taken 5 years ago).

and now:

Some of these bushes have really gotten big and are growing into each other.  I have removed some a few years ago and want to do more to really thin out this area.  I also plan to add some stepping stones since we often jump over this flower bed to get from the patio to the swing set.

A couple of years ago I created a new flower bed all along the east side of the house.  Since then weeds have taken over and it never looked good.  Here is what it looks like dug out but before I weeded and mulched.  I hope to add some hostas too, since this area doesn't get much sun and those plants are supposed to do well in the shade.

Same flower bed, just from a different view:

Like I said there are about 10 flower bed areas so I have my work cut out for me.
We had a landscaper come out and dig out around the flower beds so there'd be some definition from where the flower beds end and the grass begins.  We also had a lot of mulch delivered.  Too much mulch Kevin says, but that has yet to be determined.  I'm slowing making a dent in the mulch and can't wait to get this project done so I can see the dramatic difference.   Our yard will no longer be the neighborhood eyesore.

Anyone else working on their flower beds?