Tuesday, April 17, 2012

No Sew Adjustable Crib Skirt

I mentioned in this post about matting pictures, that I also DIY'd a super easy no sew crib skirt.  Well, for those of you who've been anxiously awaiting the details, today is the day.

I bought a flat sheet and used that for the crib skirt.  I wanted the crib skirt to match the rest of the room which is why I used a coordinating sheet since I couldn't find any crib skirts I liked and that matched the color scheme I had going on already.  Remember this used to be the guest room and now it's the nursery and guest room.  I kept the curtains so that dictated my colors for the room.
The materials I needed for this project were:
1 flat sheet (bought at WalMart for $3)
some iron on hem tape (already had on hand)
some velcro (already had on hand)
measuring tape

So in total this was a $3 project and it didn't take very long to complete.
You could use this same method but sew instead of using the iron on hem tape.  You could also use fabric instead of a bed sheet.  This is totally customizable and you can adjust the crib skirt to any length to hide the space between where your mattress ends and the floor begins.

I made this crib skirt before the Babes was born and the crib mattress was at the highest level.  That means there was a larger gap between where the mattress ends and the floor begins.   I use this area under her crib to store our pack and play as well as boxes of extra diapers and wipes.  In order to conceal this storage area, I needed to make a crib skirt long enough to hide it all.  Most crib skirts, if not all, that you buy in the stores are made to reach the floor when the crib mattress is in the lowest position.  This wouldn't work for me.  By making my own, I was able to customize the length so I can have the mattress at the highest level and the crib skirt reach the floor thus hiding my secret storage area.   Plus, I could change the length when I needed to lower the crib mattress.

And since I like to make things as easy as possible,  I took a short cut and only make my crib skirt cover the front and left sides of crib.  No one will see the back and it gives me easy access on the right to store things under the crib.  However if you intend to do all sides, you'll just need to double what I did.

1.  First I measured the vertical space from the bottom of the mattress to the floor.  Then I measured the horizontal distance from the left end of the crib, and from the front of the crib.  With these two measurements, I had a rough idea of the size of the crib skirt. 

2.  I laid out the flat sheet and used the existing hemmed side to be the bottom of the crib skirt.  I used a hemmed side of the flat sheet to be one side of the crib skirt.  That way, only one side would have to use the iron on hem tape.  I repeated this using the other hemmed side of the sheet for the other section of the crib skirt.  So my two sections have  a hemmed bottom (from the sheet) and one hemmed side (from the sheet).  I added an inch to the horizontal length and three inches to the vertical length and cut out my two crib skirt sections. 

3.  Once my two pieces were cut out, I used the iron on hem tape to hem up the un-hemmed side of each piece.  In order for this to look better, I made sure my sewed up hemmed sides (from the sheet) would face each other and be at the part of the crib that you'd see the most, and my iron on hemmed sides would be less visible in the back and lesser used side of the crib.  I've marked with red arrows and dashes, the pre-sewn hemmed sides.

4.  Now that my sections are complete, I just needed to attach them onto the crib.   I added small strips of velcro to the top (unfinished) part of each crib skirt section.  I used 3 pieces for the short side and 4 for the front side.  I had both sides of velcro attached together and removed the sticky backing from one side to attach the velcro to the crib skirt.  I started with the shorter side and put my crib skirt section on the board with the hemmed part barely touching the floor.  Once I made sure it was even, I removed the other sticky backing and attached the velcro to the board which was under the mattress.  Some cribs have metal springs and then you'd just attach the velcro to the metal frame of the springs.  In the picture below, I had already lowered my crib mattress.  When I did that, I just put new velcro on the crib skirt (circled in blue) and attached to the board so the crib skirt would be shorter, but just the right length when the crib mattress was in it's lowest position.   The red circles show my original velcro tabs which I used when the mattress was at the highest position.   This crib skirt is adjustable, just add velcro where you need it depending on the position of the crib mattress.

That's all there is to it.  Pretty simple.  If I didn't explain it well enough, or you have any other questions, just ask, I'll be sure to answer. 

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