Friday, May 25, 2012

Inspiration For The Weekend - 20 (Preventing Summer Boredom)

My kids only have a few days so school left so I'm starting to get my game plan on for summer.  I need to keep them busy and having fun without overloading on TV and video games.  Here are a few summer fun ideas that I found.  Hopefully they'll inspire you to create a fun filled summer for your kids and avoid hearing "Mom, I'm bored".

Click on the links below each picture to find out more about each activity. 

Basket full of summer fun to give your kids on the last day of school

Make a can and fill with cards that have things to do on them.  When the kids get bored, draw a card from the can.  She has lots of great ideas.

Summer boredom busters with a weekly schedule

Something fun to look forward to each week of summer.

"CHEWS" Wisely Summer Fun Board!

30 days of summer fun activity board

So how do you keep your kids from getting bored over the summer?