Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Patio Flower Beds - part 3

Getting more and more done on these patio flower beds.  You can read about part 1 and part 2 HERE.
I'm getting so close to the end of my flower bed project.  Just a little section of the patio flower beds left and then 2 more flower beds to do and I'll be done.   I wanted to have it done before May but that's obviously not going to happen.   I'll revise my plan and hope to be done this week.  OK, maybe next week at the latest, I promise.

Here's some before shots to remind you of how bad it was.  Over grown bushes and out of control ivy.  We even had a butterfly bush start growing in three spots - a seed must have spread from the butterfly bush of the flower bed I have yet to tackle.


That purple bush on the right is one of the prickly bushes that needs to be removed.


 Here's a close up:
 And from the opposite angle.  You can see how much I've done already.

I know some spots look a little bare, but I like that much better than having crowded over grown bushes.  Eventually I'll plant something to fill in the gaps, plus the ivy will continue to grow so it won't look so barren.  Planting extra flowers and bushes is phase 2 of this flower bed project.  I just want to get done with phase 1 for now (pruning, weeding and mulching).