Monday, June 18, 2012

First Full Week of Summer Vacation

Last week was the first full week of summer vacation and summer time fun was in full swing.  Here is a run down of how our week went.  Minus the boring stuff like housework and school work.  Yes, I make my kids do schoolwork over the summer, we call it "Mom's summer school".  I'll have to post about what we do later.

Monday was a fun filled day.
We were at the library by 10AM to return books and check out new ones.  Then there was a puppet show put on by the library.  Almost each week the library has some type of activity planned for the summer.  Since we were in town and it was hot, I thought we'd go to the pool.  The pool doesn't open till noon so we had some time to kill.  We had a picnic lunch at a playground before spending 4 hours at the pool.   The Babes loved the fountain in the kiddie pool.

Tuesday we woke to find that Sweetie Pie's fish, Teta the Tetra had died.  So we started the day with a fish funeral before heading off to Sweetie Pie's dentist appointment.  She did great, no cavities, although it does look like braces will be in her future.

Wednesday we went to the Bounce House where the Babes who isn't even 2 yet, just loved the steep slide.  I guess she's a dare devil like her brother.  We also tried to take some Father's Day photos.

Thursday was take 2 of the Father's Day photos followed by a trip to the playground.

Friday we went to some yard sales, then grocery shopping and finally to visit a friend's newborn and tour their farm before heading home for lunch.  After lunch the kids played so nice together.  They started some kind of club - a 'backpack club' and then got the neighbor kids to join in too.  It kept them busy for hours.

This summer is busy already, and I love it.  This week the Spencinator is at day camp and next week it's Sweetie Pie's turn for camp.  I like them to attend day camps at different weeks so it gives the other sibling more one on one time with Mom.  With keeping kids busy and running around to different places, I might not have as much time to blog, or my blog posts will be more about kid stuff.  I don't know how it will all work out since this is my first summer blogging, but I hope you stay tuned......

How is everyone else's summer going?