Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hanging Closet Organizer

Monday I mentioned how I reorganized my son's room.  I also mentioned that I put up a closet organizer into the otherwise wasted space next to the lego storage unit.  You can just barely see it in the picture below, it's that long blue thing to the right of the Ikea trofast storage unit we use to house all his legos.

It is supposed to just velcro together over the closet rod like so:

However for our situation, this created some empty space behind the closet organizer which wouldn't be a problem except there is a wall in front of the closet organizer so we needed more space in front to see and retrieve the toys that would be stored in there.

At first I thought I could just attach the closet organizer further back using a hanger.  It was now touching the back of the closet, but the hanger made the closet organizer hang down even lower which mean we lost some floor space underneath the closet organizer.

The stuffed animals we were storing underneath weren't too happy about that, I mean just look at the angry face on that red bird.

So I figured out a way to shorten the hanger, sort of.  First I cut off the top part of the hanger using this fancy schmancy tool that I have no idea what the name of it is.

Next I took the flat part of the hanger and attached it to the closet shelf with the leftover part of the wire hanger.  I just bent the hanger wire around the wire closet shelf.

Then I attached the closet organizer using the velcro strap.  The velcro strap conveniently hides the ends of the wire so I don't have to worry about any sharp ends being exposed.

Now there isn't much wasted space up top.

The closet organizer is as far up and back in the closet as it can be which allows for maximum access to the toys that will soon go inside.

This closet organizer is meant to house outfits for each day of the week which is why each shelf is labeled Monday, Tuesday....  I thought about taking those out and replacing with the names of the toys that will be stored on each shelf such as army men, remote control stuff.....

However since the names fold back up inside the underside of the shelf, you can't really see them.  So I decided to skip this step.

I just used some empty boxes that we had laying around to store his toys in.

They are sort of divided into categories:  misc, planes, army men, remote control stuff, skateboard/figures, and rocks.

Then I placed them inside the closet organizer.  Now when my son wants to play with something the whole box can be pulled out, or just the item since it's easier to see than having toys dumped onto the shelves.

Since he doesn't have many clothes that are hanging in his closet, this closet organizer has helped us make good use of the space in there.

UPDATE:  This whole thing came crashing down after a few days.  Check out "Hanging Closet Organizer Take Two" to see how I fixed it, hopefully for good.

Anyone else have any tips/tricks to making the most of your closet space.

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