Monday, July 23, 2012

Rearranging Bedrooms AGAIN

Friday I mentioned how I decided to rearrange the Spencinator's room - AGAIN.
The reason I wanted to rearrange it was because it wasn't working out.
To see what his room used to look like, you can check out this post HERE.

The yellow table next to the lego storage unit wasn't being used like I thought it should.  Plus the Spencinator said he didn't like it and wouldn't build legos on it, he prefered to use the floor.
See what I mean:

The mess was not contained to the lego side of his bed, legos spilled out to the other side too:
It was a hot mess:
So you see, I was totally justified in having to rearrange his furniture again.

I decided to put the bed back where it was originally and to get rid of the yellow table.

I also put the lego storage unit in his closet, adding more bins for legos as well.
I don't have a  Cricut or Silhouette machine to label my bins, so I taped pieces of paper onto the bins.  I used blue scrapbook paper since blue goes with his room and wrote the color of the legos on it.  Then I taped it to the bins using packing tape.  In case anyone's interested, I labeled the bins as follows:  yellow, white, blue, brown, gray, black, red, tan / green, and Star Wars / mini figs.

In order to slide the bins of legos in and out, I had to put the storage unit in the center of the closet which leaves about a foot of space on either side of it.  To the left I have a small bookcase that has a few cars on it and some of his 'crystal collection' which are just a bunch of pretty rocks that he thinks are rare and valuable crystals.

To the other side, I put up a closet organizer that we've had and used off and on throughout the years since it didn't work out for our needs too well.  It's one of those kinds with the spots labeled for the days of the week so you can put your kids outfits in there so they know what they're going to wear each day.  We used it to store more toys.  I'll have to write more about that later since installing it wasn't as straight forward as it sounds because it is in the hard to reach section of the closet.

While his closet has more toy storage in it now, there is some wasted space at the top and above the lego storage unit.

I did have some plans for that but our plans have changed, I'll explain at the end.  Back to the tour of his amazingly organized and clean room.

I moved his piano to the corner by the window.
Even though he doesn't look happy in this picture, the Spencinator loved the layout of his new room.

Here's a few more pics so you can see how much more open it looks:

View from piano/window area.  That mess in the hallway is stuff we removed from his room that needs to go somewhere else.

View from bottom of his bed

View from bedroom door

I love that I could look into his bedroom from the hall and see such an organized and open space with so much room to play.  And I'm glad I got around to cleaning up and rearranging his room to look like this, even if it only lasted for a day.

You see, we are helping out a family member and they are living with us for a while.  We found out about this Saturday, so I got to rearrange more furniture in preparation of our guest's arrival which would be in a couple of hours.  Good thing the Spencinator's room was recently rearranged so I could do this quickly and easily.  So now the Babe's nursery/guest room is officially the guest room and we moved the Babes into the Spencinator's room.  Sweetie Pie didn't have any room for another dresser and bed in her room so we had to put the Babes in the Spencinator's room.

And because I just can't organize/rearrange one thing at a time, I was also reorganizing the kids' bathroom closet.  I'll have to post more about that later too.

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