Monday, August 13, 2012

A Sticky Situation

Sweetie Pie has this rug in her bedroom that she got for Christmas.  It's great and goes with the decor of her room, and can be used as a play area for all her little dolls and pets and figurines.  There is only one problem with it.  It doesn't stay put.  It has a rubbery backing but still slides around on her carpet and every day, or several times a day we have to reposition it.

At first I tried the rug gripping carpet tape, but that didn't work.  It didn't stick to the rug, only to the carpet.

I'd read somewhere that you can use your hot glue gun to put glue on the back of the rug, let it dry and then lay it down.  This is supposed to keep the rug in place.

So I went all over the rug in a zig zag pattern with my hot glue gun.  It's hard to see in this picture, but there is a zig zag of hot glue on the left edge of the rug.

Then the phone rang and I got distracted and dropped the phone into the hot glue.  Sorry to the person on the other end, I had to hang up.  I wasn't about to put the phone up to my ear to answer it and hot glue my hair.

Luckily after the hot glue dried I was able to peel it all off the phone, so no harm done.
As for the rug, I finished adding hot glue to it and let that dry for an hour or so before turning it over.  
We had high hopes that this would work and the rug would stop slipping, but nope.  
Even with the hot glue all over the back of the rug, it still slipped.

Anyone have any better ideas for getting this stubborn rug to stop slipping?

9/6/12 Update:  I've found a solution to the rug shifting problem.  Check out my post HERE.