Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween Costume Swap

Our local library is pretty neat.  I mentioned in this post that they have Wilton cake pans you can check out.  They also have free story times and lots of kids activities and groups/clubs.  This Saturday they had a costume swap.   Earlier in the week you could bring in your unwanted costumes in exchange for a ticket.  On Saturday the ticket could be exchanged for another costume.  What a great way to trade in last year's costume for something new.  We have lots of dress up costumes,  many Sweetie Pie has outgrown, so we decided to drop off three of them.  The Babes had to try each one on before I was able to take them to the library. 

On Saturday we got to the library right before they opened so we could be one of the first people in line for the costume swap.  We were hoping to get a costume for each kid.
So what did we get?

We got this bumble bee costume for the Babes.  It is a bit big as the hood keeps covering her face.  Perhaps we'll save this one for next year.

We also got this S.W.A.T costume for the Spencinator.  They really didn't have anything in his size.  This costume was actually a 5/6 but I figured he could wear his own black shirt and pants with the vest and hat.  When he tried it on, or rather attemped to try it on, we found out the hat is too small and he couldn't even get the vest on.  I am going cut the sides of the vest and add some black fabric (from the pants) to make the vest bigger.  We'll make this outfit work one way or another.  He has also talked about being a ninja (sounds like more black and maybe some mask/hood thing for his face), or an army guy (another easy outfit since he already has camo pants and shirt).  

They also didn't have anything in Sweetie Pie's size.  Good thing she didn't need a costume since she decided to be monarch butterfly and already has the wings.  I was acutally going to make her a pair of monarch butterfly wings (not just any kind of butterfly, she had to be a monarch with black and orange wings).  I was going to use a pair of fairy wings she already had and add some black fabric with orange spots painted on.  But I didn't even need to do that as my sister was a monarch butterfly for a costume party a few years ago and still had the wings.  She's letting us borrow them along with the headband antenna.  Sweetie Pie will just wear a black top and pants to go with it.  She's excited about that and has been wearing the wings around the house this weekend.

We did get another cotsume for the Babes.  It's a cute dalmation.  It looks so warm too.
She has a love of dogs and of course loved this costume.  She started crawling around and panting like a dog too.

So we have our costumes for Halloween, just have to do some minor sewing for the Spencinator's. 
The kids are getting excited, and truth be told, so am I.  Our church is having a trunk or treat night so I'm also thinking of ways to decorate our van and a costume for me too.

While looking around for some costume ideas I found these cute infant costumes.  They are just covers for the infant car seat.  Isn't that just too cute!  I'm thinking you could use it all winter and not just as a Halloween costume.
found at etsy HERE

So what are your kids going to dress up as for Halloween?

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