Friday, October 12, 2012

Inspiration For The Weekend - 39

On Fridays I like to share something "inspirational".  Sometimes I'm inspired to create or make something. Sometimes I'm inspired to do something or to change.  A lot of my inspiration comes from someone else's creativity.  

Check out these cute mummies I found over at Eighteen25.  Jill made these out of toilet paper tubes.
Click over to her blog HERE to see how she did it.

Another toilet tube craft is these adorable owls found HERE.

Well, I have plenty of toilet paper tubes.  For some reason I started saving them thinking I could make a craft out of them.  So Sweetie Pie and I made our own versions.

What do you think?
They were super easy and best of all the material were something we already had on hand.
Hmmm, what other crafts can we make out of all these toilet paper tubes? 

How about bunnies for Easter:
Or Valentine sun catchers:
Or race cars:
There are lots of possibilities.  Seriously just type "toilet tube" into the search field on Pinterest and check out all the ideas.   What a great way to be crafty with your kids using something you were going to throw away anyway.  

What have you recycled into a craft?


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