Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rearranging the Living Room (only to put it back the way it was)

Sometimes just for the fun of it, I like to rearrange furniture.
You know, 'cause I have nothing else to do.....
Or maybe it's because I don't want to do what I should be doing.....
Or maybe it's because my living room has been bugging me for years and sometimes I just want to move so I can start over.

Anyway, I mentioned back in THIS post how I've had trouble rearranging furniture in my living room since we moved in five years ago.  Not much has changed except the amount of toys and furniture now in the room.

When you first enter the room, this is your view:
 Here is an areal view:

 The TV is directly across from the leather couch and there is a plaid love seat (that you can't see) directly across from the fireplace.

I don't remember where I saw this idea, probably somewhere on Pinterest, but it was to put the sofa in front of the fireplace.  I have trouble envisioning things so I just had to rearrange the furniture to see if I'd like it.

The room is much more open when you walk into it.  No sofa or end table in your way.

However I just didn't like the fact that the fireplace was blocked.

I decided to move things back the way they were.
 I did make one small change and moved an end table to that awkward corner on the left.  I like it there.  Previously it was filled with toys which have been relocated.  And prior to all the Babes toys there, it was empty.  So having something nice there is a definite improvement.
 Areal view:

So what do you guys think?  Don't mind all the toys, we live and play there, so it usually looks like this.  I'm just keeping it real for you.

Just for the fun of it, I made some side by side comparisons to be sure I didn't like the sofa in front of the fireplace.  Do you think I made the right decision?

Any other ideas of how to rearrange this furniture?  Can't move the TV/entertainment center.  And we like having the leather sofa directly across from it so we get the best view of the movies/tv shows.  I'm thinking of getting a different end table, maybe a coffee table or storage ottoman at some point.  And a more substantial chair than the Ikea Poang that we have, but that thing is so darn comfortable.  I just think it looks too tiny in such a large room.  Maybe a club chair.  Would love to hear your suggestions and to see what your living rooms look like.

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