Thursday, November 29, 2012

Skipping Christmas (not really)

A friend recommended the book titled Skipping Christmas by John Grisham.

She said it was funny and an easy read.  She was right.  I finished it in one day, mostly reading during the Babes' nap time and a little after the kids went to bed.  It was a fun book about how this couple is trying to 'skip' Christmas this year since their only child won't be home.  They aren't putting up decorations or buying gifts or going to holiday parties.  Instead they are spending less money than they usually do at Christmas time and going on a cruise.    At least that's the plan.   Of course things don't work out as planned and it's harder to skip Christmas then they realize.  Some funny things happen and in the end it's a feel good kind of book.

There's also a movie made after this book called Christmas with the Kranks starring Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis.

It's funny although I liked the book better.  The movie left out a couple of things and added some things in an attempt to make it funnier.   Isn't that the way it is with most books made into movies, the books are always better?

Anyway it got me to thinking...

thinking about all the money and time we spend during the holiday season.  I'm not suggesting we skip Christmas but I do want to be more intentional about what I do and what I spend my money on.  If it's stressing me out, I'm going to scale back or not do it.  And for gifts, I don't want to buy out of obligation, I want to buy because I want to and it's something useful, not more clutter for the person I'm giving to.  I'd like to DIY a few gifts and decorations, but at this point, I don't know if that will happen and I'm OK with it.  I need to remember the real reason for Christmas.  And it's not Santa and presents.  I want to make sure my kids know that I love celebrating the birth of our Savior.  And if I'm frazzled at trying to buy gifts, decorate, cook, clean, wrap, craft and the list goes on and on; the message of love for our Savior might not come across.

So this year among all the hustle and bustle of Christmas I want to focus on Jesus Christ, the true reason for the season.

We will start our advent calendar on Saturday, December 1st.  I'm planning to incorporate a spiritual message along with each activity we do or treat the kids get.

What are you doing to remember the birth of our Savior this holiday season?

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