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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Star Wars Snowflakes

Thanksgiving is over, so now I feel like I can get ready for Christmas.  I like to celebrate one holiday at a time.  I've put away the fall decorations, not that I had very many, and plan to set up the tree by the end of the week.  Oh, but I forgot to throw away the pumpkins which are still sitting on the front porch, guess I should do that first.  
Yesterday it snowed, just lightly but enough to cover the ground...
 and for the Spencinator to make a snowball.  I think he used up all the snow in our yard to make this:

When the kids came home from school and were done playing outside, they came in for some hot chocolate.
I also thought it would be a great day to make snowflakes.  And not just any ordinary snowflakes.  I thought I'd try something that my son would like, he's not an arts and crafts kind of kid, but anything to do with Star Wars gets his attention.  So, I thought we'd try to make these:

There are several designs to choose from with patterns to download.  It looked simple enough.

You can click HERE and HERE to check out all the different designs.
Recently that website hasn't been working.  But here's a link to download the pdf's of the snowflakes:

Here is how ours turned out:


Princess Leia

Although I think she looks more like Queen Amidala after you unfold it.

The Babes decided to help.
Above is the picture I downloaded and printed out so we could make the Yoda snowflake below:

And here's R2D2

It was pretty easy, you just need a sharp pair of scissors to get all those intricate cuts made.  And I cheated a little and left out a few cuts on some of the snowflakes.  I showed our snowflakes to my husband when he got home and he correctly identified each one, so I say that makes this craft a success.

What are you doing to get the kids involved in decorating for Christmas?
What kind of Christmas crafts do you  have planned?

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