Wednesday, December 5, 2012

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

We put our tree up over the weekend and have decorated the house.  I don't go all out with holiday decorations.  We celebrate the holidays and do various activities but I am not big into decorating.  I like to keep things simple plus I don't like to store it all.  I used to have just two totes full of Christmas stuff, but now I'm up to three and I'm determined not to exceed that.

Last year I got a taller pre-lit tree, so that's what we put up.  I must say it was easier.  There were not as many branches to stick together.  And I didn't have to string the lights around it.   At this point all I did was assemble the three parts of the tree and plug it in.  I thought it looked great and briefly considered stopping here, you know to keep things simple.

But the kids wouldn't let me.  They love looking at all the ornaments and finding a new favorite.  This year it seemed to be the S'more's snowman.  They even asked it those were real marshmallows.

I had also gotten a few additional ornaments last year (after Christmas) so I'd have more things to put on the taller tree.  And even though the tree is taller, it's not any wider which is nice.
I like the long icicles.  They go well with the tall thin look of the tree too.

 My theme is red and gold.  It's pretty much always red and gold which is another way I keep things simple.  Plus I don't have to store other colors that aren't being used this year.

Every year the kids make ornaments, through school and church.  This adds to my stash of ornaments so I imagine over time the tree will get more and more filled with ornaments.  By the time they are teenagers, there might be an ornament on every branch and I might have to get another tote to put them all in.

Last year they made these:
Pictures of Christ with the children, tear the edges and mod-podged to wood.  On the back the kids wrote what gift they would give to Jesus.

Another year they were given these bulbs with vinyl lettering on them that says "I am a child of God".

Once again I let the kids help.  It wasn't too bad.  In fact, Sweetie Pie was the biggest helper of them all.  She was my decorating buddy.   I love it that she is old enough to really help and wants to help.

How do you decorate your tree?  Do you have a specific color / theme?

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