Tuesday, January 22, 2013

5 Alternative Uses For Books

Moving bookcases and reorganizing our books has got me to thinking that books aren't just for reading.

From home decor to secret storage, here are a few ideas of what else you can do with a book.

1.  Re-style your router.
Ana from anamublog.com shows you a simple yet stylish way to conceal your wireless router.
Check out her blog HERE to see how she does it.

2.  Book bookends.
Jillian over at coffeelightandsweet.com uses books to make bookends so it looks like your books are just standing straight and tall on their own.  Click HERE for her tutorial on how to make your own.

Just glue spines onto a box and store on a bookshelf for a bit of well disguised storage space.
4.  Hidden storage within a book.
Check out this wiki article on how to hollow out a book to create a secret storage compartment.

5.  Books as shelves.
Real Simple has a 3 step process for turning a book into a shelf.

I like the secret storage compartment book.   I wanted to make one, but then picked up something similar at an after Christmas clearance sale.  The Spencinator will be getting it for Valentine's Day.  

Oh, and I really want to hide my wireless router, our sits vertical but I think I could still do it.

What are you using your books for?

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