Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"Meet Your Teacher" Primary Breakfast

The kids at our church attend what we call, Primary.  A new year means they go into a new class, and most of the time get a new teacher.

To help with this transition, we hold a "Meet Your Teacher Breakfast" at the beginning of each year.

This year, we did an owl theme asking  "Whoooo's your new primary teacher?"

Invitations were sent out:

The church was decorated:

I must confess, this idea was not mine.  A friend of mine came up with it and made these cute owl decorations from paper tubes and cupcake wrappers.  She got the idea from here.

She also made balloon owls that we hung up.

We had the teachers sit and eat with their new classes.

Each table had a questionnaire to be filled out.  It was really a Mad Libs.
After everyone chatted and ate, I read the completed Mad Libs and we found out some very interesting things about our new teachers.  It was a HOOT!
Even the Babes got into the spirit of things and requested to wear her owl shirt.

Last year we had the "Primary Awards", a spin off on the academy awards.  The kids came up with the award categories such as "most likely to give hugs".

The year before that we had  a dress up your teacher contest.

As they "walked the red carpet" we read a short biography about each teacher with one untrue fact.  The kids had to guess which fact was untrue.

These activities are always a lot of fun.  The kids and teachers both look forward to them every year.

Anyone else have some great "Meet Your Teacher" ideas?  I'd love to hear them so we can start planning for next year.

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