Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cozy Corners

In yesterday's post, I mentioned how in trying to hang up our latest family picture, I got into a picture hanging mood.

As I was looking at the family picture on the mantel, I noticed that I have pictures to the left of the fireplace, but not to the right.  I like things to be symmetrical, so I don't know how this has not bothered me before.
We have a pile of pictures that I haven't hung up because I don't know where to put them.  I went through the pile and found two that would work in this space.  I thought they'd work because they had frames that were the same as the two pictures already hanging on the left, and were similar in size and subject matter to the ones on the left.

Once again, I had Sweetie Pie take a picture of me holding the frame where I wanted it so I could visualize how it would look.  Here is the smaller picture...

And here's the larger picture:

Since there are two pictures on the left, I decided to try putting two pictures on the right.  Here's how it looks with the larger frame on top...

And here it is with the smaller frame on top.  I think I like this best.  After getting confirmation from my mother in law that this looked good, I decided to go for it and hammer the nails into the wall.

Now the right corner of the living room....
looks just as cozy as the left corner of the living room.

This seemed like a simple picture hanging project, but of course, something had to go wrong.  The large frame in the right corner broke just as I was about to hammer in the nail to hold it up.  I was holding the frame and nail trying to figure out the exact placement for the nail since I wanted the picture to be the same distance from the one above it, as the two pictures in the left corner of this room.  The frame was just glued together in the corners and three corners broke loose.  Luckily the glass didn't break and all we had to do was glue the frame together.  My husband also added some brad nails into all four corners to make sure it wouldn't come apart again.  We let the glue dry overnight and I finished up this project in the morning.

I also hung up two more pictures and might have found a solution as to where to put our latest family photo.  Stay tuned...

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