Friday, January 25, 2013

Master Bedroom Finishing Touches

When I was doing all that picture rearranging last week (you can read about that here and here), I showed how I finally found something to hang over our bed.  Well, I also showed our messy nightstands.  Maybe I should have cleaned them before taking pictures of my room, but I was just so excited to share the fact that it's no longer empty above the bed.

As usual junk accumulates on all flat surfaces and if we don't put it away immediately, it sits there and multiplies overnight.  I even had 2 lamps on my nightstand, one came from another room where we weren't using it anymore.  I should have put it away in the basement, but it was so much easier to put it in my room.  Does anyone else use their bedroom as a catch all for stuff they take out of other bedrooms?

I took control of the clutter and cleared off those nightstands.  I threw papers away and put other things away in drawers where they belong.

They are looking much better now.


Oh, and I made those dresser covers, for each of our dressers and nightstands.  I found a shower curtain on clearance that was the perfect color and a great price, much cheaper than buying fabric.  So I just cut that up and sewed the ends under.  Custom sized dresser scarves, or whatever you call them.  They kind of look like place mats in this picture, which is something else you could use to protect your nightstands.

And I also got our lamp situation under control.  Last March, I mentioned that I was putting some finishing touches on our master bedroom.  I had gotten some lampshades that looked like this:

I just put them on our existing lamp bases which I planned to eventually replace since they didn't match our room.  Over the summer, I found two oil rubbed bronze lamp bases at a yard sale for $5.  However the lamp shades and new lamp bases didn't look good together.  

Lucky for me I also found some lampshades at a yard sale later in the summer for $3.  So now I've got lamps and shades that match the room, and for just $4 per lamp, not bad.

Referring back to my almost-a-year-ago post about putting the finishing touches on my master bedroom, it looks like I still need to get some brown curtains.  We did have off white tab top curtains hanging up and I wanted to change them out to brown.  I was given some brown curtains that aren't wide enough for my windows so I was going to use the fabric for some craft project that never happened.  Anyway, I decided to hang up the brown curtains, framing the off white curtains and decided I liked it.  The curtains are different materials and hanging styles so they don't look right together but if they were the same style of curtain, it would look good.  However I haven't found any good deals on curtains so they've been like this for over a year.  And now I 'm thinking I just want brown curtains.  Our room is big and pretty light (we have dark furniture but the carpet and walls are light), so I think I could pull off having dark curtains in there.  Besides, most of the time the curtains are pulled open.  What do you think? 

Anyone else putting the finishing touches on a room?

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