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Monday, February 25, 2013

Organizing the Kid's Bathroom Closet - again

In THIS post, I mentioned how I hung up the kid's bath towels on their bathroom closet door.
So now the outside of the closet looked better, but the inside needed some work.

I had reorganized the kid's bathroom closet back in July of last year.  You can check out this post HERE to read all about that.  The end result was that it looked like this:

After about six months of use, the bathroom closet wasn't looking too neat.

My mother in law has moved in with us and she also uses this bathroom.    She only has a shelf and a half to store all of her things.  Meanwhile there are lots more towels than we need in there, taking up valuable storage space.

You'll notice that the white 4 drawer organizer was replaced with a pink 3 drawer organizer.  Well, the pink one had been in Sweetie Pie's closet but she needed a little more storage space so I switched them.

I had to take everything out of the white storage organizer anyway, ever since the nail polish incident.

I thought I was being clever by storing the white storage organizer off to the side so it had to be moved toward the center of the closet in order to open the drawers, but the Babes is smart and figured that out too.

I had stored things like extra shampoo, lotion, toothpaste, hair barrettes and yes, even Sweetie Pie's nail polish in the white storage organizer.  The Babes decided to paint her nails one day.  She also got nail polish on her shirt and the floor.  Luckily it easily wiped up off the vinyl floor, but her shirt is stained.  Good thing that neon pink polish matches those bright pink butterflies so you can hardly tell.

Well, because of that, I decided to take all that extra stuff out of the kid's bathroom closet and store it in my master bath closet.  Still working on organizing that one.

Because I was worried about the Babes getting into things, and rightly so, I didn't have much stored under the sinks.  Another waste of space, right.

Just an extra shower curtain, extra shelf things and some diapering supplies.

So I decided to make more room for my mother in law's things by using the space under the sink to store the towels we rarely if ever use.  So now it looks like this under the sinks:

 One side for beach towels and extra bath towels, and the other side for diapering supplies (plus the extra shelf things and our toilet paper holder that fell off the wall (still need to fix that).

Which leaves the bathroom closet looking like this:

I'll leave it up to my mother in law to fill up all that empty space.  We now have the bottom shelf for my nicer bath towels with a little basket to hold my decorative hand towels.

The pink storage organizer holds wash cloths, hand towels, and two kids bath towels.

I also have a basket to hold extra toilet paper.  The basket fit in there perfectly and looks much nicer than a big ol' package of toilet paper shoved in there.

I have more toilet paper stored in a basket on the back of the toilet.  Got that idea from House of Hepworths.  She has the exact same basket on the back of her toilet.  I got two of these at a yard sale for .50 cents.  I have the other one sitting on the back of our master bathroom toilet.

I love the natural look it brings to the bathroom and how it matches the decorative towel hung above it.

You know how I like things to match.  That decorative towel matches the shower curtain.

And we  have a picture in there that matches too.  It was my husband's since before we were married.  The blue mat and wood frame help pull the colors of the room together.  One of these days I want to paint this room a pale blue.  It is still builder grade flat white which is horrible in a bathroom.  I actually already bought the paint, just haven't gotten around to painting yet.  In case you can't tell, painting rooms isn't one of my favorite things to do.  I'd much rather organize something.

What have you been organizing lately?

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