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Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day recap

We had a great Valentine's Day yesterday, hope you did too.

Sweetie Pie dressed up as much as she could for the occasion.  She had a pajama party at school and wore red pajamas.  We painted her nails pink and added hearts using a Sharpie marker like I mentioned in THIS post.

We also did her hair.  I saw a tutorial for how to make heart pigtails and did my own version since Sweetie Pie's hair wasn't long enough.  Check out THIS link complete with video of how to make hearts in your daughter's hair.  It was pretty easy.

Here's a close up.  Her teacher noticed and thought it was so cute.  You never know with some of the ideas on Pinterest, if a bunch of other kids will be doing the same thing, but she was the only one in her class to have a heart ponytail so I guess this idea hasn't spread too far.

At night, right before the kids went to bed, we did the Trails of Love activity.  I did it a little different than last year.  Instead of having each kid follow their own trail of paper, I used yarn for easier clean up.  I also had one trail which lead to the middle of the room and from there it broke off into three trails.  In the middle of the room I put the maze and pencil gifts that I mentioned in THIS post. Each kid found the maze with their name on it and then had to follow the trail of yarn from that point.

The kids had fun following the trail of yarn all over the living room.  Although the Spencinator did ask, why didn't we just go right to the middle?

The Babes got side tracked once they reached the middle and she decided to take off her socks rather than look for her gift.

The older kids kept following the yarn and eventually found their gifts.

It was fun and a cute way to show our kids that we love them.

What fun things did you do with your kids on Valentine's Day?

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