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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Simple Valentines and Nail Designs

I was planning to take the easy route and do the store bought valentines for the kids to hand out at school, but I only half way succeeded.  

Sweetie Pie was fine with that and wrote out all her valentines by herself.  The Spencinator on the other hand didn't think the Transformer or Captain America valentines, that I had picked up on clearance last year, were cool enough.  I think he just didn't want to write names on them all.

So I found a simple solution.

We had an over abundance of Laffy Taffy from Christmas parties and such.  It's not like our kids eat that much candy (especially if it's not chocolate), so it's just been sitting in the cabinet.  I decided I could put it to use for Valentine's day so I browsed Pinterest for a funny saying to go along with the candy and found this idea.

I used the "you make me laffy" saying and printed it out in Word, 14 sayings to a page.  I then glued it to some pink card stock and taped on a piece of Laffy Taffy.  I did this after hours (i.e. when the kids were in bed) so they wouldn't bug me for some candy.  I set up a mini assembly line and was done in about 5 minutes.

This is the perfect valentine for someone who hates writing.  And there is no thinking involved when it comes time to pass them out.  They are not personalized with the recipient's name so he can just pass them out without having to match the name to the person.

And now onto the nail designs.....

Sweetie Pie wanted her nails painted pink for Valentine's Day.  So last  night after dinner she got a little manicure.

But we didn't stop there.  To make her nails more valentine-sy (or is it valentine-ish?), I used a dark pink Sharpie to add some hearts.

 How cute it that?

Anyone else doing some last minute Valentine's Day preparation?

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